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Bianca and JiselleBIANCA AND JISELLE- Sisters
During the pandemic, Bianca found that she needed a space to create again to help ease her anxiety and get her creative juices going again. She also wanted a way to connect with community and women. She has always wanted to start her very own business. Jiselle, was looking for ways to start saving money, as she will soon be leaving to college. Since Bianca is the oldest of her siblings, she thought this would be a great way to spend some time with her sister while mentoring her, empowering her and introducing her to new things. Bianca and Jiselle have different personalities but share many interests, ideas, and have a heart for spreading love and kindness. They are both proud of their Mexican heritage and always embrace their roots.
Bianca Torres
Owner, Creator and Big Sister
Hola Bonita! I'm Bianca. Welcome. I am the owner of Amor y Dos Latinas and I am so happy that you stopped by our website. Besides being a small business owner, I am also a wife and the big sister of four. My business partner, who you will meet below, is fourteen years younger than me! I have been making jewelry, accessories and clothing since I was 13 years old. I have so many interests and consider myself a passionate, loving person who loves to give back and wears my heart on my sleeve. I let God lead my heart. I care a lot about helping communities and others, which is why my day day time job is in education, helping first generation and low income students.
I also am deeply rooted in my culture, proud of my Mexican roots and my Chicana culture. You know that part in the Selena movie where Abraham says “We have to be more Mexican than the Mexicans and more American than the Americans, both at the same time! It's exhausting!”, yup I (still) felt that. 
Lastly, mental health and body image is something else that I recently started to find interest in as I learned to get to know myself and let go of the past, hence our tag line 'HOLA BONITA'. 
Hola Bonitas! My name is Jiselle and I am the Co-Creator for Amor y Dos Latinas. My favorite part of being part of this journey with my sister is creating new designs and being introduced to new people. If you follow me and my sister on our instagram, you'll see that I like to be more behind the scene, while my sister likes to be all in the mix. I am a senior in high school preparing to go to college. You know the saying, "By supporting a small business, you're supporting a dream"?. Well you really are helping supporting our dreams. My dream is to go to college and go even further to obtain my PharmD. I enjoy every moment of this business and I am learning a lot. Becoming a part of a larger community has helped me grow and I appreciate all of your support. Happy shopping, I hope you love everything you see.